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BLOG BEING UPDATED - TRY AGAIN LATER This blog records the controversial era of British architecture, 1960's Brutalism. Many Brutalist buildings have been demolished and many still are under threat

Other architects

Leslie Martin 
Head of the architectural school at Cambridge, his work at Harvey court is an interesting example of 'brick brutalism'. He was a promoter of young talent - promoting Patrick Hodgkinson for the Brunswick centre
Brutalist works: Harvey court (University of Cambridge)

Owen Luder & Rodney Gordon 

Unfortunately many of their works have not survived, architects to the tricorn centre in Portsmouth and the iconic Gateshead car-park, both recently demolished.
Brutalist works: Tricorn centre  / Gateshead car-park
see Obituary (Rodney Gordon)

Neave Brown
Hired by Camden council architects department for the two big schemes below
Brutalist works: Fleet road estate / Alexander road estate 

Patrick Hodgkinson- Responsible for the Brunswick centre in Bloomsbury (he worked for sometime in Leslie Martin's office)

The Smithson's - Alison and peter 
The husband and wife team became a very influential force in post-war planning in the UK and achieved an international reputation. They became one of the most enthusiastic advocates of the 'new brutalist' style and applied it later in their works especially with regards to social housing, the results of which can be seen in Robin Hood gardens in east London (shortly to be demolished). Their later work was quite a contrast to their first work of Hunstanton school in 1954 which was built in a high modernist style. Although they were not as prolific as other brutalist architects they had a significant influence on others and the architecture community. Robin hood gardens  


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