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BLOG BEING UPDATED - TRY AGAIN LATER This blog records the controversial era of British architecture, 1960's Brutalism. Many Brutalist buildings have been demolished and many still are under threat

Basil Spence

Basil Spence (1907- 1976)-  Although perhaps best known for his work on Coventry cathedral (which is of a subtle early 1950's modernist style) his later work was very different as he embraced the developing brutalist style. Many of his major works in this style were aboard such as the British embassy in Rome and his Beehive parliament in New Zealand. However he still left a significant legacy in Britain mostly located in London (see below) and controversial in the iconic brutalist tradition both in construction and to this day.

Prominent Brutalist works:
102 Petty France
Hyde Park Barracks (see tower)
'Hampstead civic centre' (partly demolished) - Swiss cottage library

A short and interesting introduction of the architecture from an old BBC series
find out more - Basil Spence website


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