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BLOG BEING UPDATED - TRY AGAIN LATER This blog records the controversial era of British architecture, 1960's Brutalism. Many Brutalist buildings have been demolished and many still are under threat

Friday 13 June 2014

EVENT: Balfron tower open day

On the 21st June 2014 for one day only Balfron tower in the east end of London, (the sister of Trellick tower in the west end, both designed by eminent brutalist architect Erno Goldfinger) will be open to the public. A series of exciting events (some which need to be booked - see below) will be taking place inside the building all day exploring the architecture of the tower and the surrounding area. 

Built in the mid 1960's the building is due for a series of refurbishments and alterations in preparation for private sell off of the flats (going the same way as trellick tower - more HERE on the 'social cleansing'). This may be the last opportunity to see the interior in its original condition. Not an event to miss if you are interested in Brutalist architecture!

Find out more detail HERE (including booking details)
Guardian article on the festival HERE


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