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BLOG BEING UPDATED - TRY AGAIN LATER This blog records the controversial era of British architecture, 1960's Brutalism. Many Brutalist buildings have been demolished and many still are under threat


I have created this blog to record the best examples of British Brutalism before they are destroyed forever and try to influence peoples predominately negative attitudes to the controversial style. Brutalism is out of favour at the moment as Victorian architecture was out of favour in the 1960's and Georgian architecture was out of favour in the Victorian era, but over time as each previous generations buildings age attitudes change and their qualities become more widely appreciated. We have to save brutalist buildings before they are demolished by campaigning for greater appreciation of there qualities like our predecessors did for the preservation of Victorian buildings. Brutalist buildings are as much a part of our national architectural heritage as any other buildings which have come before be them Victorian, Georgian, Elizabethan or medieval. They are just as worthy of preservation and should be retained for the benefit of future generations


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