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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Recent Listing Updates 24/09/13

Preston bus station has been given listed status at grade 2 by culture minister Ed Vaizey. This will make it much more difficult (although not impossible) for it to be demolished under the current plans by Preston city council. 

Another brutalist icon has also been listed at grade 2*, a electricity substation on Sheffield. Also being listed was a concrete cold war bunker at Gravesend. Another building of some interest (although not brutalist) is Sir Norman Fosters relatively new but iconic high-tech warehouse in Swindon. 

EXHIBITION: Brutalist architecture in London

Following the brilliant exhibition at the new Wellington arch exhibition space at Hyde Park corner which celebrated the story of preservation during the 20th century of 19th century architecture by the likes of John Betjeman (Pride and Prejudice [now finished]) there now follows another exhibition this time the fight for the preservation of the 20th century architecture. 'Brutal and beautiful' - saving the 20th century will tell the less widely known story of the continuing fight for brutalist architecture right up to the present day and the battle to protect and educate people about brutalist architecture as John Betjeman and his contemporaries did for 19th century buildings.

25th September- 24th November 2013 
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